Business Litigation

The firm represents clients in all manners of business-related litigation.

Employment Litigation
We handle employment-related litigation including wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment and wage and hour claims.

Intellectual Property
We handle intellectual property disputes including Lanham Act and copyright plagiarism claims.

Accessibility Claims
Led by Bob Lemen, we handle claims involving violations of the various California and federal accessibility statutes such as the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Collection Actions
We aggressively pursue our clients’ rights to payment for professional services and the like.

Insurance Coverage
We understand how to give effect to our clients’ rights to insurance coverage.

Tax Claims
Led by Rod Stern, we represent businesses and individuals and tax disputes with the IRS, the EDD and the State Board of Equalization, ranging from the negotiation of payment plans and compromises to the handling of administrative hearings and civil trials.

  • Business & Commercial
  • Contractor & Subcontractor
  • Collection
  • Construction
  • Employment
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Insurance Defense
  • Professional Liability Claims
  • Real Estate
  • Tax
  • Trust & Probate